Synchronize and back up files, music and photos

Start with a Free 2GB plan and extend storage as your needs grow to 30GB, 100GB or more

Access From Everywhere

Conveniently access and manage your Inbox Storage files at any time, from wherever you have an Internet connected device!

Share files with Friends

Share any size files and folders privately and securely with whoever you want to invite. Whether for work associates or friends you set sharing permissions and allow your guests to edit your files or have view-only access.

Mobile Access

Easily view photos or back up and access any of your files right from your mobile device. Inbox Storage mobile apps are available for Android™, and Windows Phone™ or Tablet. Use native applications to read/edit files for Windows Phone™, Android™ or Windows® operating system.

Collaborate with work associates

Use your share folder to collaborate remotely with employees and others. You can permit them to store and edit any content in your folder.

Trusted and Secure

Your data is securely transferred to and from your cloud account using industry-standard TLS. Data is safely stored on enterprise grade servers with advanced safeguards in state-of-the-art data centers.

Quick Support Access

Access Inbox Storage FAQs anytime for quick answers online, or access the support ticket system if you need further assistance. For paid plan users, our Support Team is readily available with 24/7 phone help and email support.

Earn FREE Storage Space

Extend your cloud storage space for free by completing easy steps of an online tutorial. It's a fun way to learn the great features of Inbox Storage. Earn even more bonus space for referrals.

File History

Prevent "digital disasters" from happening to you with Inbox Storage file versioning and have the ability to restore any available file version you may need.