How It Works

  • Instant access from anywhere
  • File synchronization across linked devices
  • Quick and easy File and Folder sharing
  • Mobile app for file access and synchronization

Instant access anywhere

If you're a frequent traveller or work on multiple computers or devices, you'll appreciate how Inbox Storage gives you the freedom to access your files from anywhere.

Easily access remote files and documents from a mobile device, an associate's computer, or from an Internet cafe on the other side of the world. Just log in to your Inbox Storage web account and all your uploaded files are available to you. Any changes you make will be saved and synced back to all other linked computers and devices. Now you can leave your laptop behind and know you'll always have access to your important files and data.

Keep your life in sync

Always have access to your latest data on all your computers and devices with safe, secure file synchronization by Inbox Storage.

It's automatic, simply designate which files, photos, music, docs and other data are to be synchronized. The document you worked on at home last evening, will be readily available on your work computer in the morning. No more thumb drives or emailing files to yourself. Just set it and forget it, everything stays organized, up to date and runs like clockwork.

Folder sharing made easy

Inbox Storage makes it easy to share folders with friends and collaborate with work associates.

Create a shared folder with a single click and send invitations to anyone you want. Share folders from your computer or your smartphone – a very powerful feature if you are away from the office and need to get information to someone quickly. You can also share any folder with your virtual team and set sharing permissions. File sharing and collaboration are so much easier since Inbox Storage keeps shared files and folders up to date and everyone in sync.

Go mobile

Once your data is safely stored in Inbox Storage, you can access it anytime from your mobile device.

Inbox Storage can sync all your mobile devices and works with Android™, and Windows Phone™ or Tablet. Easily view photos or back up and access any of your work or personal documents – right from your mobile device. Or you can access your web account directly from any Internet-enabled device.