FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Bonus Storage Space Program work?

Inbox Storage offers registered users up to 8.25GB of free storage space through the Bonus Storage Space Program. Bonus storage space can be earned by completing a step-by-step tutorial with exercises that explore the various features of the service.

The program is open to any registered user of Inbox Storage and is accessible once logged in to the online user account. All that’s required is for specific, outlined tasks to be learned and completed, then extra storage space will be automatically added to the user’s account. These tasks include:

Task Bonus Storage Space Earned
Installing Inbox Storage software on a computer 125MB
Uploading files to an Inbox Storage account 125MB
Sharing a folder (first time only) 125MB
Verifying an email address 125MB
Installing Inbox Storage on a mobile device 125MB
Connecting with Facebook® 125MB
Inviting friends and having them register for an account 0.5 GB each referral, up to 7.5GB

Even if you sign up for a free 2GB account, there are loads of free storage space you can earn just by completing the tutorial exercises and inviting referrals. Conditions apply as described in the Terms of Use.

First time user? Earn bonus storage space by first registering for a 2GB free or a larger paid license plan.

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